5 Awesome features in Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 dubbed Natty Narwhal will bring some major changes to the traditional Ubuntu desktop.

As the conventional desktop gets a major overhaul, the spanking new Unity interface is busy preparing itself to replace the time-honored Gnome interface.

Here are 5 features that will make Ubuntu 11.04 worth the long wait.


Unity is the most conspicuous change to the Ubuntu desktop till date.

To new users this means that they’ll be able to get their hands on a completely new form of desktop,

replete with features competing head on with major operating systems.


Since Oracle bought Sun Microsystems, many doubts were raised about the future of Openoffice,

as Oracle is a name which the Free Software community was reluctant to trust. This polarization led to forking of Openoffice.org,

thus giving birth to a new project called Libreoffice. This newly created or rather forked office suite offers

the same features as Openoffice so old users won’t have any trouble switching.

3).   FIREFOX 4

Firefox stays as the default web browser despite facing stiff competition from the lightweight Google Chrome.

Mozilla will be releasing Firefox 4 somewhere around February and its inclusion in Ubuntu 11.04 is very certain.

Not only will Firefox 4 be faster than its predecessor, it will also come with a host of new features that will make the year long wait a worthy one.


The Software center was one of the major highlights of Ubuntu Jaunty. Also, it was a feature that no other Operating System possessed;

well not until recently when Steve Jobs announced the Mac app Store. Apple’s Mac App Store comes with features like ratings and reviews,

which Ubuntu Software Center does not yet possess. Therefore, keeping up with the competition,

ratings and review will be a part of the Software store in Natty.

This will help users choose better applications based on reviews and ratings submitted by other users.

5).  2.6.38 KERNEL

In November 2010, the Linux kernel received a small patch that radically boosted the performance of the Linux kernel across desktops and workstations.

The patch has been incorporated in the kernel 2.6.38 which will be a part of Natty.

Thus, users upgrading from Maverick can expect a great deal of improvements in the overall performance.

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