Problem in Running NI MultiSim in Linux?

Recently I was working on my ELI project and I came across a situation where I need Multisim to simulate my circuit. So I try installing Multisim using Wine but what I see? Despite running “sh winetricks fakeie6 gecko dotnet20” on the shell before running the installer, the installation still fails stating it needs IE4 or newer.and the ie6 installer says a newer version of internet explorer is already installed. BIG Problem!

So I just found out some alternatives of it which I am sharing with you :

In Linux we got some softwares which work exactly well as of Multisim and provides a great span of electronics. Here is the List :

  • Parallels
  • gEDA package
  • LTspice
  • pspice
  • ksimus
  • Qucs
  • KTechLab

and many more.

Out of these I found Parallels and KTeckLab pretty much similar and comparable to Multisim.

If you Don’t want to use them and strictly  want Multisim to run on your Linux go for Virtual Box and install Multisim in your OS and run your OS in a “SEAMLESS MODE“.

Now to do that just open your virtual Box start your OS and on the top left click Machine and Enter Seamless Mode i.e

Virtual Box–>Machine–>Enter Seamless Mode

and we are done. ENJOY!!

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