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Wanna Know about the current Linux distribution?

Explore Linux!

The vast majority of Linux users selected one of a few popular distributions, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE, or Mandriva. However there are many more distributions that have been developed specialized applications. Developing a distribution is actually not that difficult. You can even build and distribute your own Linux distro.So just have a look what’s new in Linux market:

A: Ark | Alt | Arch | ASP | Astaro | Antomic | Ayrsoft

B: ByzantineOS | Beehive | Blue | Blin

C: College | CRUX | Conectiva | ClarkConnect | Censornet | Cool | CLE | Cosix | CaixaMagica | Core

D: Debian | Devil | Dynebolic | Demudi | Definity | Demolinux

E: EvilEntity | ELX | Eagle | e-smith | EnGarde | Eridani | ESware

F: Freeduc | FreeLoader

G: Gelecek | Gentoo

H: Hancom

I: IPCop | Icepack | Immunix


K: Knoppix | K12LTSP

L: Lycoris | Lindows | Libranet | Linuxinstall | LFS | Lunar | LNX-BBC | LinEx | Linpus | LRs

M: Mandrake | Morphix | MoviX | MSC.Linux | Miracle | MURIX | Madeinlinux | Magic | MIZI

O: OpenNA | OEone

P: Peanut | PLD

R: Red Hat | ROOT | ROCK | Red Flag | Red Office

S: SuSE | Slackware | Sorcerer | SourceMage | SmoothWall | SoL | Skolelinux | Securepoint | SuperRescue | Spectra | SOT

T: Turbolinux | Thiz | Trustix | Tech

U: United | UHU | uOS

V: Vine | Vector | Voodoo

W: WOW | WinBi

X: Xandros | Xteam

Y: Yoper | Yellow Dog

Here is the list of some of the popular distributions of Linux available in market.

  • Debian, Gentoo ,Kubuntu
  • Lindows, Lycoris, Mandriva
  • Red Hat, Slackware, SuSE
  • Ubuntu, Xandros ,Xubuntu

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Problem in Running NI MultiSim in Linux?

Recently I was working on my ELI project and I came across a situation where I need Multisim to simulate my circuit. So I try installing Multisim using Wine but what I see? Despite running “sh winetricks fakeie6 gecko dotnet20” on the shell before running the installer, the installation still fails stating it needs IE4 or newer.and the ie6 installer says a newer version of internet explorer is already installed. BIG Problem!

So I just found out some alternatives of it which I am sharing with you :

In Linux we got some softwares which work exactly well as of Multisim and provides a great span of electronics. Here is the List :

  • Parallels
  • gEDA package
  • LTspice
  • pspice
  • ksimus
  • Qucs
  • KTechLab

and many more.

Out of these I found Parallels and KTeckLab pretty much similar and comparable to Multisim.

If you Don’t want to use them and strictly  want Multisim to run on your Linux go for Virtual Box and install Multisim in your OS and run your OS in a “SEAMLESS MODE“.

Now to do that just open your virtual Box start your OS and on the top left click Machine and Enter Seamless Mode i.e

Virtual Box–>Machine–>Enter Seamless Mode

and we are done. ENJOY!!

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Want a Different Login Screen? Here is the Solution

If your are bored with your Default Login Screen and you want to change it, you can do so in simple way. Here is the method to solve this problem:

First open a Terminal window

Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal and then copy+paste the following line:

$ sudo cp /usr/share/applications/gnome-appearance-properties.desktop /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow

Now close the Terminal window and logout, when logged out the Appearance window pops up. Here you can make the changes you want and when your done you can login as usual. To prevent the Appearance Manager from opening when you login, open a Terminal window

Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal then copy+paste the following line:

$ sudo unlink /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow/gnome-appearance-properties.desktop

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Amazed By 3D Desktop! Now you can have it

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat or any Linux Based Operating System which uses GNOME or KDE as Desktop can enable funky 3D effects in a couple of clicks.So this post will eventually lead to the explanation of 3D effects on Ubuntu 10.10.To generate some elegant 3D effects ‘Compiz’ is used.Compiz is a compositing manager or in other words compiz enhances the overall user interaction by adding some fancy effects to your windows e.g Desktop Cube or Expo view.The other important point is that this will run with almost any hardware configuration.

To install Compiz just go to terminal and type :

$ sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager
Now as you have installed Compiz just go to :

System–>Preferences–>ComizConfig Settings Manager

Now Let’s configure your CompizConfig Settings Manager

  • General –>General Options–>Desktop Size and set your Vertical Virtual Size to 4.
  • In Accessibility TAB just mark Enhanced Zoom Desktop and Opacity, Brightness and Saturation.
  • Under Desktop TAB mark Desktop Cube and Rotate Cube.

Now go to Desktop Cube–>Appearance–>Skydome

Just tick Skydome and Animate Skydome

Next go to Transparent Cube TAB and set Opacity During Rotation to around 65.

  • Now lets go to Effects Option, mark Cube Reflection and Deformation for 3D Desktop.

In Cube Reflection and Deformation, under Cube caps change the Top Image files and Bottom Image files in Appearance.

Go to Reflection TAB set values of Reflection ground size and Intensity to .7 and 1 respectively.

Now Let’s do the final step to complete our task :

go to Deformation TAB and set Deformation to None, Cylinder or Sphere as per your choice.

and change the aspect ratio to 0.0

and you are DONE !

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Having Problem in Downloading Youtube Videos?

I was watching a video on youtube and found it pretty interesting. So I just think of downloading it on my Ubuntu 10.10 edition. So I searched and found a pretty simple and straight forward ways to tackle this problem.

If you are watching video on youtube and its buffering is complete then actually video is already downloaded and is stored in your system. To store it at your desired destination just go to :

/ –> tmp –> your video

Just cut the video and just copy at your desired destination.


There is another way to download videos.

just open your terminal and copy the command written below :

$ sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

$ youtube-dl -o filename.flv URL

For more options just add any of these as per requirement in the command.

-b Best quality
-m Mobile version
-d High Definition
-g Don’t download, just show the url
-c Resume download of a video which was interrupted before
-w Don’t overwrite existing file

for example:

if you want Best quality then just follow this :

$ youtube-dl -b filename.flv URL

There one more way by which you can download youtube videos.

Use plugins to downloads files from youtube, Dailymotion etc.

example :

Or you can use free downloading sites like:

So just follow any of the above method and enjoy !!

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